Our friendly staff deals with your claims promptly and effectively. Major insurance companies process and handle claims via the internet. At Jacob Body & Paint we have full access to all the programs needed to process your claims quicker and easier. We can provide professional advice and information before and after claiming with your insurance company.

The process when making a claim and coming to us for repairs are as follows;
"Quote" - A qualified tradesman will write a quotation and take images.
"Authorisation" - We will send the quote and images off to your insurance company and wait for their authorisation. This can be done via a special program set up on our system, email, fax, or mail. It all depends on your insurance company procedure.
"Repair" - One of our staff will call you and book you in for the repairs. They will let you know how long the repairs will take and what is involved.

We also do private work. This entitles repairing damages for client's that don't want to go through insurance or don't have insurance.